nooQ has built us a fully integrated membership management system that has completely transformed the way we work.

As an organisation entirely run by volunteers, it is essential that we implement systems which minimise the burden on their time otherwise our whole “for members, by members ethos” falls apart.

nooQ’s system allows new members to join and existing members to renew online through a click of a button, automatically transferring all their information into a slick and efficient membership database which feeds through into an automated e-mail system allowing us to keep all members up-to-date with all the latest news from around the club.

Payments are taken online either as a lump sum or monthly Direct Debit. All of these payments are automatically monitored and tracked within the system. That horrible monthly task of checking our bank statements for Standing Orders and rationalising these with the membership database is a thing of the past, saving us hundreds of hours a year.

The membership database is simple and easy to use, putting all the information we need to manage the club at our fingertips.

A dashboard sits in front of this giving really insightful data on all aspects of our membership; type, demographic, payment methods, total income etc.

This system delivers three key benefits.:

Firstly it saves us a huge amount of time which we can put to much better use in growing and developing our club to do even more for our members and the communities we serve.

Secondly, it’s simple and easy to use making it much easier for us to find volunteers to run the system.

Thirdly, it provides clear, insightful live data on the status and health of our membership on which we can make fully informed decisions which are in the best interests of the club as a whole.